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Top 5 Tips Monthly - Marketing Through Promotions and Sampling

5 Things you should know about Squidoo

Squidoo is a FREE social networking site that is based on people’s expertise on subjects. Squidoo allows you to build your reputation as an expert by posting "lenses" on this site. Being perceived as a thought leader in your industry is important for attracting people to your business. To do this, create a page on Squidoo about your sector with links to different resources. Those resources should include your site, of course. Squidoo a lot more interactive than other sites like Wikipedia; people will be able to search for your articles and they'll be able to link to your other ones. Here are 5 things you should know about Squidoo before you create your page.

1. About Squidoo
Squidoo first went live on the internet in 2006 and it grew 91% in 2008 making placing it in the top 300 most popular websites in the U.S. Squidoo has almost a million pages or lenses, which are based on topics that people are interested in. A lens is a single web page that points to users to other content like blogs, favorite links, RSS feeds, photos, or Amazon books. All lenses also have ad words that are relevant to their content, so lensmasters can earn royalties when people find their page by looking for a topic online. Squidoo also has more than 700 affiliates to give lensmasters a way to sell recommended products on their lenses, so lensmasters can earn directly attributable royalties as well. Squidoo makes money from ads and affiliate links, and 5% of their earnings are donated to charity. The key to Squidoo is make something that other people would like to read. Different websites, videos, photos, and products relevant to your interest enrich your lens.

2. Help Google find your lens
Squidoo lenses rank highly in the search engines, so even if your website itself doesn't have high search engine rankings, your Squidoo site will still be seen. Google ranks the importance of a website on a scale from 1 to 10 and a 4 or better is a good ranking and Squidoo ranks at 7. To promote your lens and get even higher rankings, keywords (lens tags) are important. Balance having keywords that people are searching with making sure they aren't too broad. Stick to keyword phrases that are at least 3 to 4 words long tot help drive more targeted traffic to your lens; ie: Bermuda Weather. Use your keywords in your title and subtitle so Google can find your lens easier. Keep a 1-3% keyword density, if you have too many Google won't qualify it as legitimate content. If you have more than one lens it is helpful if they are similar in topic. This way you can link your lenses internally, boosting your search engine rankings even further.

3. Visit other lenses
Participate in the Squidoo community by visiting other lenses. Look for other lenses that are relevant to yours, and create a guestbook. You can post comments on guest books for other people's lenses and leave a link to your site. Voting on other lenses will also help to get more people to look at your lens. You can also join groups on Squidoo which allows you to showcase your lens and see what other people are doing to improve your own lens.

4. Features
With Squidoo you can create interactive newsletters, use Google Maps to include directions to your business, and post schedules and announcements. You can also use Squidoo to alert users to information. If people subscribe to your lens using RSS, then you can update the lens so every subscriber will be alerted, nullifying the need for email. Squidoo has recently become stricter with spam, so avoid "junk topics" like "lose weight now"Ě or adult content. Squidoo blocks content on subjects like these as they are proven to attract spammers. But be careful, being overly promotional can get your lens blocked as well - more than 9 links to the same domain on a single lens will send lock your account and sent it to review.

5. You can create multiple accounts
Although Squidoo can be used for mass marketing, it's really good for niche marketing. Unlike many other social media sites, you can have more than just one account on Squidoo. So if you have a great deal of content for your niche market, you can present it in different ways under different accounts. Marketers love this because they market to the same niche throughout different channels. You can use RSS feeds to keep viewers up to date on your lenses and add the feed to you any of your blogs or websites.

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