Beauty Expert of 1st Quarter 2014

Raquel FournierRaquel Fournier is CosPro Agency’s Beauty Expert of the Quarter for 1st quarter 2014. Raquel’s love for beauty and make up started back in her home country of Venezuela when she started participating in beauty pageants and decided to become a makeup artist.

Raquel started modeling/acting at age 5. She won many regional/national contests and was able to represent Venezuela Internationally in the Mrs. Globe Pageant, making the top 10! She has participated in many TV Commercials, infomercials and voice overs for Hershey’s, Twix, Harley Davidson, Microsoft Windows, Jafra, Sheer Cover, CNN Latino and Olympia among them. Some of these commercials are still running. She is a charm coach for young girls and professionals that want to better their social skills, she loves teaching charm as it’s about improving ones image. Charm lessons are about learning not only how to act in a proper manner but also looking your best. 

Raquel has worked with CosPro since 2008, she loves the opportunity to explore the latest beauty products and trends and sharing with others that knowledge. Some of her favorite events have been the ones for L’Oreal, Maybelline, CoverGirl and Neutrogena but she has done so much more. She has showcased many of her favorite products in her YouTube video blog as well.

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