Tips for Success – Product Demonstrations

In-store promotions and demos can be the key to improved retail sales, enhanced brand awareness and increased customer satisfaction. We want to share these tips for an incredibly successful event.

• Product Demonstration Tip #1 = Be prepared
The Beauty Expert needs to be ready to demonstrate a product.  From appearances (demo area clean organized; clothes cleaned and pressed; hair, makeup and nails done) to education (product knowledge is ingrained; the product is operational; the presentation has been practiced).  Are you ready to handle objections? Are you rested, looking successful and confident?

• Product Demonstration Tip #2 = Stand during the demo
You may be tempted at some point during the day to sit down.  Don’t do it!  As the presenter, you’ll appear more in command and control if you stand.  Sitting implies laziness, disinterest and tiredness.  It will be easier to hold the customers’ attention when you stand. If brochures or coupons have been provided, don’t hand them out until after the demonstration.  It will be hard to hold the customer’s attention while they are reading company information.

• Product Demonstration Tip #3 = Engage the Customer
CosPro Agency gives you suggested ideas on how to engage the customers, but you should let the customer direct the demonstration.  Turn the demonstration into a conversation instead of a speech.  Ask open-ended questions that will lead to more questions and discussion.  “Most people have been raving about this concealer;?” what do you typically look for in a concealer?”

• Product Demonstration Tip #4 = Listen to the Customer
Listen to their needs about what they are currently using and what they are looking to get from that particular product. This will lead to additional questions that can help you sell that product to them. “I find that most mascara leaves me with raccoon eyes by the end of the day.” “Well, this particular mascara will never smudge because of the fibers.”

• Product Demonstration Tip #5 = Involve the Customer
Confucius said it best.  “Tell me, and I’ll forget; show me, and I may remember; involve me, and I’ll understand.” For greater results from your demo, have them touch, feel and smell the products.  The next time the customer asks, “Does this foundation feel light on my skin?”, Your response should be, “Here…lets apply some, and you can see for yourself.”

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• Product Demonstration Tip #6 = Be honest with the Customer
If the customer asks a question you don’t know the answer to, don’t fake it.  Promise the customer that you’ll get back to them with the answer—and don’t forget to do it, or send them to where the answer can be found.  “You’ll find more information about that on L’Oreal’s website.”

• Product Demonstration Tip #7 = Be ready for the Customer’s questions
Before answering a customer’s question, repeat the question or ask for clarification if necessary. Customers’ questions and objections can easily be handled if you’re prepared for them.  Make a list of Frequently Asked Questions– and their proper responses—and practice the correct responses until they roll off your tongue naturally and confidently.

• Product Demonstration Tip #8 = Demonstrate the greatness vs. Asserting the greatness.
Other companies will claim that their product is the best by listing the features and benefits. You have a great advantage; you can not only tell your customers what is great you can SHOW them.

• Product Demonstration Tip #9 = Plan to be spontaneous
When you add original thoughts, examples and stories to your demonstration, you attract the attention of your customer. An interesting story may even answer a customer’s question or objection. Draw on personal experiences for a spontaneous demonstration. “I have used this lotion for a week now, and my skin has never felt softer.”

The more prepared you are, the more fun you’ll have doing product demonstrations.  And the more fun you have with it—the more your sales will increase.



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