Tips for Becoming a Professional Sales Person

iStock_000029106192_SmallFrom a customer’s perception, it is easy for a salesperson to come across as overly aggressive. Here are some suggestions on how to correct that impression.

  1. Listen before giving solutions. If you’re not listening carefully, you’re probably not asking good questions. Some sales people have all the answers before they ask the questions. Avoid the trap of talking too much, especially during the first contact. Try to get the customer talking for at least 75% of the time you spend together. Find out your customers’ needs before suggesting a product solution.
  2. Have knowledge of the industry. Do your homework before you attempt to make any sales. It’s never been easier and quicker to do homework. Using the internet makes this not only a practical step, but an easy one. If you don’t want to come across as a “Master of Nothing,” don’t skip your homework!
  3. Communicate value – Consider this. If you’re not communicating value, you must be communicating something else. Remember to be polite, don’t use a person’s first name unless they offer it. Don’t come on too strong. If your selling style happens to be direct, be careful it’s not interpreted as “in your face.” Avoid being too loud, inarticulate, rambling, and closing too early and too often. Sometimes, the best way to communicate value is to take a genuine interest in the customer and their needs.

If your potential customer sees you as a nuisance, it’s because you’re missing the qualities that professionals rely on. Haste not only makes waste, it creates the wrong image for you. If you’re prepared, personable, punctual, and professional, you’ll never be mistaken for a predator. Your potential customers don’t want to be preyed upon, they want to be helped, and will be if you offer the professional touch when you approach them.

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