The Secret to Selling 
Like a Professional

iStock_000020410187_MediumResearch shows that sales associates are comfortable talking about products and demonstrating them, but are lacking one important trait—listening. This is most likely a common problem for a lot of people out there, not just necessarily sales professionals. But it’s an important one that will make a difference in the number of buyers you are getting.

Listen closely to your client or shopper. This is important to find out exactly what the customer is looking for, and specific concerns that are important to him or her. Ask questions about the customer’s needs and what they are looking for in a product. Once you have that knowledge, discuss the benefits of the products that you are demonstrating that would be beneficial to that customer’s needs.

Just listening to what the customer has to say goes a long way. The customer will be satisfied that you took the time to really care about their needs, and will end up going home with the product they wanted.

With a bit of practice you can replace your old sales monologues with a meaningful exchange of information that leaves your client wanting to purchase the product.
Control the sales encounter with questions and watch your sales go up! The customer’s needs are the most important!

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