Beauty Expert 2nd Half 2015

We are proud to recognize Migdalia Fernandez as our stand out Beauty Expert for the Second Half of 2015. Since 2011, she has done in-store events as well as corporate functions with us for many brands including Revlon, Coty, Milani,  L’Oreal and more. Migdalia began in marketing and promotions as a way to earn extra money while in college. As she concentrated on her studies, earning her BA in Mass Communications and Psychology and started her career in journalism, she continued doing promotions because she loves the positive environment. She says, “It is totally opposite from hard news and journalism and the fast paced magazine life. It allows me to engage with customers in a positive way. It’s also about knowing how to approach people without making them feel uncomfortable and being able to hold a conversation about the products. That initial eye contact and smile go a long way.” She recently started a party rental business and creatively uses her makeup skills to offer face painting services for the parties. Even with doing promotions she said it’s important to run each event as if it was your own business. She stands out with her professionalism, the time she takes to become knowledgeable of the brands and how well she engages with others. Congratulations Migdalia!

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